More then 10 years ago, a small group of dedicated curlers founded Silkeborg Curling Club. Beside our love to this wonderful sport, we were pretty much emptyhanded, but with great help from the other Danish curling clubs and Dansk Curling Forbund, we managed to get hold of curling stones, hacks, brooms, old sliders etc, so we could be up and running, when the ice arena in Sillkeborg would be ready 1st of September 2007.

The stones were picked up in Hvidovre Curling Club, who also donated their old score boards from the European Championships in 1996. But why transport huge score boards more than 300 km, if they were not going to be used?!? So from the beginning we decided, that we would host an annual bonspiel and if possible an international one....

Therefore it was with great pride, that we could send out invitations for our first Kingo Cup 2008, and we managed to get 26 teams together. Since then Kingo Cup - always taking place beginnning or mid April - has attracted a lot of teams, national and international, young and not so young, male and female, beginners and championship players to sign up year after year. A couple of years we managed to get 30 teams together, but as many other clubs we have seen a small decrease in the number of participating teams.